JBE Event Producer/Accounts

Since joining the team in 1998 (obviously straight from nursery school), every day Cathy goes beyond the call of duty.  In addition to the smooth running of the office she has assumed the role of Artist Liaison Manager for JBE.  With a background in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance her ability to empathise with the needs of performers ensures the best from each of the performers we work with.  And her talent as a choreographer is often called on at many of JBE’s most spectacular events.

Cathy’s charm, confidence and creativity have made her invaluable around the office but she has also earned unwavering client trust.  From brainstorming new concepts to dealing with on-site challenges at an event, Cathy’s charisma really shines through and has made her a key member of the team.

Not many people know this Cathy performed for several years with the Western State Ballet in Perth with the pinnacle dancing the lead in Copellia before injury cut her dance career short. The ballet career possibly explains Cathy’s poise and unflappable elegance.  

(Project Manager) Operations Event Producer

A gifted illusionist with a background in theatre and performance (much like older brother John), Paul is responsible for some of JBE’s most challenging and awe-inspiring accomplishments.   In tandem with his career in magic Paul also worked as a cameraman and editor in the USA, working primarily on news programming and other tight deadline, quick turnaround productions.  Paul knows what it takes to deliver in high pressure situations and with a sprinkling of magic are talents he uses every day in his project manager role.

Paul’s big passion is Lego and you’ll often find him designing and building illusions with it. With a unique and often spectacular vision Paul truly demonstrates that imagination has no limits.  And he’s got the portfolio to prove it.

Not many people know that Paul is a keen Astronomer – and can often be found in a dark secluded place looking up into the night sky! 


John is an event management veteran (for one so young!) with experience going back a long, long way. John is the founder, team leader and key creative force behind JBE. He is driven by a passion for what he does, a real love of people and his commitment to making every project as stress-free as possible for clients. This drive and passion have earned him an impeccable reputation with clients and suppliers alike. John’s calm approach and extraordinary technical expertise have allowed him to create some of the most sophisticated and spectacular events in the country and bring to life even the most challenging client brief. He believes in really listening to the client, understanding their expectations and business goals and then working to ensure that these are exceeded.

Away from the office John loves to travel and has led to him regularly producing events in his stomping grounds across Europe, the USA and the UAE.

Not many people know this: John has been performing since he was a tot – appearing in magic shows with the family and in Panto with the great – maybe this explains why a JBE Event has a real understanding of what an audience wants.