JBE Event Producer/Accounts

Since joining the team in 1998 (obviously straight from nursery school), every day Cathy goes beyond the call of duty.  In addition to the smooth running of the office she has assumed the role of Artist Liaison Manager for JBE.  With a background in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance her ability to empathise with the needs of performers ensures the best from each of the performers we work with.  And her talent as a choreographer is often called on at many of JBE’s most spectacular events.

Cathy’s charm, confidence and creativity have made her invaluable around the office but she has also earned unwavering client trust.  From brainstorming new concepts to dealing with on-site challenges at an event, Cathy’s charisma really shines through and has made her a key member of the team.

Not many people know this Cathy performed for several years with the Western State Ballet in Perth with the pinnacle dancing the lead in Copellia before injury cut her dance career short. The ballet career possibly explains Cathy’s poise and unflappable elegance.