(Project Manager) Operations Event Producer

A gifted illusionist with a background in theatre and performance (much like older brother John), Paul is responsible for some of JBE’s most challenging and awe-inspiring accomplishments.   In tandem with his career in magic Paul also worked as a cameraman and editor in the USA, working primarily on news programming and other tight deadline, quick turnaround productions.  Paul knows what it takes to deliver in high pressure situations and with a sprinkling of magic are talents he uses every day in his project manager role.

Paul’s big passion is Lego and you’ll often find him designing and building illusions with it. With a unique and often spectacular vision Paul truly demonstrates that imagination has no limits.  And he’s got the portfolio to prove it.

Not many people know that Paul is a keen Astronomer – and can often be found in a dark secluded place looking up into the night sky!